Tonya is a spiritual advisor and healer to people of all walk of life
including other moms, Kohala community members, business
professionals, global and spiritual leaders.  She combines her
extensive training in Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual
Tribal Studies, Reiki, Alchemy, and years of business experience to
provide a nurturing experience for her clients and helps them
achieve their next level in life with grace and ease.  

Tonya has a passion for empowering people who are ready to
transform their lives.  She enjoys providing clients with the tools
necessary to heal themselves and succeed to greater levels in life.  
All growth and healing begins within each of us having an openness
to make the desired shifts in life.  She has a unique ability to help
people realize their dreams and manifest more true prosperity into
their lives.

Do you want help manifesting?

Are you seeking more peace in your life?

Are you in need of a healing?
Call today for a
(808) 339-2432.
How have clients benefited?

  • They feel more peace in their lives.
  • They experience being able to let go of the past and propel
    into the future.
  • They handle the stresses of life with grace.
  • Tonya helps them create conditions that seem like
    miracles in their lives that are really just part of their being
    open to allowing God to flow through them.

Clients that benefit the most from my services are
people who are open and committed to changing their own lives
for the better.  They are on a journey of self-discovery and
improvement.  They do not expect an over night fix, but instead
they appreciate and enjoy the process of real and significant life
changes (although overnight fixes have been known to occur).
This website regularly evolves.  Check back  for updates.
Achieve the next level within!
"Thank you so much for
helping me.  You are
I can't begin to
tell you how wonderful I
Today, I am calm
and not stressing out.   I
am even getting my work
done without stressing in
my head over dinner.  
Listen to this...right now,
the baby hasn't taken a
nap, the boys are playing
loud music, my husband
is running late, I haven't
started dinner,
haven't raised my voice

You are amazing!  I don't
have any neck pain,
by now I would be sitting
funny to compensate for
the pain.  
I wish we could
bottle you!

Yvette Alvarado